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Jeet Kune Do translates in “Way of the Intercepting Fist” and was named for the CONCEPT of interception, or attacking your opponent while he is about to attack.  Jeet Kune Do was created by Bruce Lee in 1967.  The system works on the use of different ‘tools’ for different situations. These situations are broken down into ranges (Kicking, Punching, Trapping and Grappling), with techniques flowing smoothly between them. It is referred to as a “style without style”. Unlike more traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts.  Also, unlike traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not the same for everyone. For example, when you study Karate, Kung Fu, or Tae Kwon Do you will learn and utilize the art the same way everyone who has come before  you has.  You could be 4’10” and 87lbs or you could be 6’8” and 265lbs and your Karate, Kung Fu, or Tae Kwon Do would look the same. 

Jeet Kune Do realizes that a person who is 4’10” and 87lbs cannot use the same techniques as a person who is 6’8” and 265lbs.  Bruce Lee used to say, “Absorb what is useful; Disregard that which is useless”.

In Jeet Kune Do you will be exposed to a variety of different techniques and you will be able to decide for yourself what is useful to YOU and YOUR JEET KUNE DO and what is not. Jeet Kune Do students are encouraged to study every form of combat possible. This is believed to expand one’s knowledge of other fighting systems; to both add to one’s arsenal as well as to know how to defend against such tactics.

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Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon Lee brought Jeet Kune Do to the movies in:


Rapid Fire

Principles of Jeet Kune Do

Be Like Water – Water is flexible. It can fit in any container no matter how big or small independent of what shape it is.  You can see through water sometimes but other times it can hide the biggest objects.  Water can move around objects or it can engulf them completely.  It can erode the hardest rocks or can crash through the biggest walls.  Jeet Kune Do, like water, is forever changing.

Economy of Motion – Jeet Kune Do teaches that the simplest techniques require the least repetitions in order to become effective.  Jeet Kune Do teaches to never waste time or movement.  At The Harris Academy you will achieve: Efficiency, Directness, and Simplicity.

The 4 Ranges of Combat – Kicking, Punching, Trapping, and Grappling (standing and on the ground).  Staying with the “Be Like Water” principle, the students learn to flow between these ranges effortlessly.  Harris Academy students will train all of these ranges equally all the while integrating weapons in to the various ranges.

Five Ways of Attack

  1. Simple Angular Attack (SAA)/Simple Direct Attack (SDA).Is a simple motion (Punch or Kick) which moves with no effort to conceal it, directly to the target on the most economical route. It can also be indirect, beginning on one line and ending on another. Such as a punch that starts to the stomach (mid line) and ends on the chin (high line). SAA is an attack that is launched from an unanticipated angle that is achieved by moving in such a way as to create an open line into which to strike.
  2. Attack By Combinations (ABC). This is using multiple rapid attacks, with volume of attack as a means of overcoming the opponent.
  3. Progressive Indirect Attack (PIA). Simulating an attack to one part of the opponent’s body followed by attacking another part as a means of creating an opening.
  4. Hand Immobilization Attack (HIA) and its counterpart Foot Immobilization attack, which make use of trapping/parrying to limit the opponent’s function with that appendage.
  5. Attack By Drawing (ABD). The goal when using attack by draw is to “draw” the opponent into a committed attack by baiting him into what looks like an exposed target, then intercepting his/her motion. One can execute a motion that invites a counter, then counter attack them as he takes the bait.

Centerline – The centerline is an imaginary line splitting the body from the groin to the top of the head and also refers to the area in front of the body.

  • The one who controls the centerline will control the fight.
  • Protect and maintain your own centerline while you control and exploit your opponent’s.
  • Control the centerline by occupying it.

Combat Realism – Bruce Lee insisted that techniques and styles would be judged and implemented based on their effectiveness and not how cool or flashy they were.   This is most evident in the Mixed Martial Arts arena like the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) where it is very seldom that you see and spinning this or a flying that.  What you usually see is not pretty, but effective.  At The Harris Academy we focus on what works, not what looks cool.

Absorbing What is Useful – At The Harris Academy we have studied a variety of martial arts and different styles give us more than just different techniques, we get different training methods and drills, different mentalities and theories.  Bruce Lee’s base style was Wing Chun which is a great martial art for close quarters fighting but the weakness of the style is the footwork.  Bruce Lee studied Western Boxing and Fencing and utilized their footwork in his Jeet Kune Do.



Bruce Lee


Dan Inosanto


Roy C. Harris


Instructors at The Harris Academy


Call us today and schedule your FREE consultation and FREE Private Lesson! Also, ask about our 30 day FREE trial! (800) 769-KALI (5254)


The Jeet Kune Do classes are a unique blend of various training methods as taught and developed by Si Gung Bruce Lee and Sifu Dan Inosanto. These training methods involve learning how to effectively and efficiently kick, punch, trap, wrestle, sweep, throw, choke and lock. When combined, these training methods will give the student the ability to adapt to any situation on the street. The first aspect of training focuses on physical fitness and self-preservation (the ability to defend yourself). The second aspect of training focuses on self-perfection (the ability to find your own unique path). During classes, students not only practice technique and perform dynamic drills, but they also spar and study tactics and strategy. If you are looking for a realistic approach to self-defense, this is the class for you!

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Call us today and schedule your FREE consultation and FREE Private Lesson! Also, ask about our 30 day FREE trial!  (800) 769-KALI (5254)

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